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The taste of Terre de la Custodia, reflecting unique terroir and winemaking, deserves a bottle ensuring optimum preservation and enhancement of flavours and aromas. The bottle designed by Tosca Sibella Farchioni and produced in collaboration with a local glassmaker is a perfect synthesis of aesthetic taste and functional excellence. It was necessary in the first place because the vigorous vinification of Sagrantino di Montefalco produces many residues, and was then gradually extended to the whole range of wines.



The dent visible on the front of the bottle creates a bulge on the inside that makes the sediment collect in a single point. This also prevents the air bubble that forms on pouring from reaching the bottom of the bottle and disturbing the sediment. The dent on the back, on the other hand, males a deep ridge on the inside, creating a slight hollow that prevents sediment from flowing out.