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Wine Tasting

To round out the experience of a Terre de la Custodia wine, every aspect of it – appearance, aromas and the countless different tastes – needs to be appreciated. It’s also advisable to follow the recommendations on serving temperature, type of glass and in the case of aged wines use a decanter to oxygenate them properly.

The first thing to assess is the colour. Wine should be looked at through the glass against a white background to see nuances and glints in the best possible light.

Aroma is assessed in two stages. First with the glass held still, to check for faults such as cork taint or oxidation. The wine is then swirled round the glass to release the less volatile aromas.

Taste is assessed by swirling a small quantity in the mouth and breathing in rapidly to release all the flavours and aromas.

Sommelier, Wine Store Manager.
Good wine should not only be drunk.
It should be savoured.