The story of a promise

We made a promise to whom will come after us: ensure them a greener future through our daily actions and our care for our surroundings.

Ours is a certified sustainability

In organizing:
with the company environmental performance.

In products:
examining the life cycle of our wines.

With the certifications:
VIVA for wine sustainability, FSSC 22000 for food safety and SQNPI for the integrated production quality for 100% of our vineyards. We keep our promise with our concrete commitment, demonstrated by our actions and certified according to the following standards and voluntary regulations:

Certificazione VIVA

promotes wine sustainability

CERTIFICAZIONE VIVA promotes wine sustainability and we respect it, proudly following every indicator producing gentle wines, in eternal connection with nature.



Our bond with the territory and its inhabitants.

This indicator shows if the company has satisfied the socio-economic requirements defined by the VIVA project: every day we protect the environment, biodiversity, local communities and the landscape around us.

500 hectares of restocking and catching area


The constant commitment in reducing emissions

This indicator expresses the carbon footprint and the total greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly generated by company activities. 

The winery has realized a photovoltaic system of 149 kW, used for self-consumption.


Integrated agriculture and the lowest environmental impact.

This indicator evaluates the agronomic management practices: the use of agrochemicals and their consequences on water, air and soil; the management of soil and other company acrivities who can impact the biodiversity.

141 hectares of class A vineyards


Our care against waste.

This indicator considers the water directly consumpted and contaminated by company activities, both in the vineyard and in the winery, in a solar year.

An average of only 27 liters of water consumpted per bottle of wine produced. 



Viva our wines

VIVA certification is mentioned on our wines labels, bearers of our values.

VIVA indicators and in-depth Qr-code allow our consumers to discover our commitment for the environment.

Our commitment for a certified sustainability.

Discover our company’s results.


certifies the use of integrated production technique


SQNPI certifies the use of integrated production techniques, productive and protective, of agricultural products, in accordance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles. 

We care about the territory, we care about you.

Environmental sustainability

Tight is the bond with the ground we work. Minimisation of chemical interventions, a controlled fertilization and a conscious irrigation: in every action, our respect for the environment.

Social sustainability

A perfect balance between an environmental protection and an appropriate production creates a positive response also on  the growing people awareness to the health of their Earth and, even before, on their own health.

Our promise for 2023

We certified SQNPI all our wineyards, gaining for several years now the environmental agroclimatic compliance; our goal for 2023 is to certify also the post-harvest working process in winery.

FSSC 22000

food safety management


FSCC22000 certifies an articulated and dynamic in every phase food safety management: a continuously evolving process for a transparent, traceable and documented production. We care about the smallest detail. 

A constant monitoring

Every step of our work is monitored with certified care, documented and scheduled. 

A safe production

To assess the risks, to prevent and properly manage them means to protect who will drink our wines.


A careful leadership

A special attention to a management aimed to spread a culture of food safety through constant communication and dialogue.

An ongoing process

Food safety is not a fixed point but a path: we never get tired of updating, growing, building.