Who we are

Guardians of a tradition

Over the centuries our family collects the results of the Umbrian land and, with passion and experience, transforms them in precious wine.

A history that is handed down and enriched year after year, who rises from a land where the unique nature can be perceived in every glass, from the first sip.

A family history

The Farchioni family, since always proud child of its land, decides to come back, like centuries ago, to cultivate and enhance it, collecting its precious fruits turning them to a unique and fine product. Pompeo, the householder, together with his wife Tosca gives rise to this project in its actual shape. Their children Giampaolo, Marco e Cecilia continue enthusiastically on the same road. The Farchioni Group, in its actual shape, includes Farchioni Olii, Mastri Birrai Umbri and, obviously, Terre de la Custodia.

Giampaolo Farchioni

Giampaolo Farchioni is not only the owner of Terre de la Custodia, but also its creative mind: his open mind and the will to look to the future with endless enthusiasm give the company a very modern footprint, rooted in tradition but with an eye on the most recent innovations to gain even better results, capable to give a unique boost to the Sagrantino world.

Emotions to share

The magical alchemy of vines cared with love together with a philosophy who combines tradition with the most advanced technology give rise to the reality of Terre de la Custodia.

The result is an experience unique to drink, and even before to share.

The Winery

Here is the heart of Terre de la Custodia, where the grapes become emotions. The Winery lies on Gualdo Cattaneo hills, only 5 km from historic center of Montefalco.

The structure develops on two floors; one of them is interred: here there are the barrique cellar and the fruit cellar.
Inside there are 62 inox steel tanks with system for temperature control.

The Guesthouse

In front of the Winery there is a big two floor cottage, that houses exhibition and tasting rooms, offices, shop and the guesthouse, a big room with fireplace and panoramic terrace to welcome costumers and friends.

Drink responsibly!

A moderate and conscious wine consumption, that allows to completely enjoy the preciousness and the gorgeous qualities, is the only one suiting an adult person’s health. Terre de la Custodia reminds you to drink alcohol responsibly.