A patented bottle

The precious wines from Terre De La Custodia, result of the skillful working of their land of origin, deserve a bottle who can enhance their scents and features. Designed by Tosca Sibella Farchioni, after which it is named, and realized in collaboration with a local glass factory, it’s the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality.

The need of rethinking the shape of the bottle comes from the powerful vinification of Sagrantino di Montefalco, that produces a high amount of residual, and has been gradually extended to the whole line.

The socket visible on the front side of the bottle, creates an interior bulge, who allows the concentration of all the residual in a single point;at the same time, it avoids the air bubble to reach the bottom of the bottle, therefore to move the residual.

Meanwhile, the back socket creates the deep internal notch, realized in order to create a slight pouch avoiding the residual to escape during the pouring.

Tosca had the insight from her talent and her passion for fencing, an activity beloved by the whole Farchioni family: the bottle, in fact, allows an elegant handle, a stylish gesture that remind the fencer’s hand and wrist position, while holding his foil.