Terre De La Custodia presents Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars): a backstage exploration of wine


Back again on 28 and 29 May is an event unmissable for all lovers of wine and not only: on the Cantine Aperte days, Terre de la Custodia is opening its cellars to the public so that they can discover where and how wine is made.

This is a veritable exploration by taste, a chance to savour a food & wine culture that has always been one of the excellences of Umbria.

Here is the irresistible programme:

Saturday 28 May:
Cost of dinner paired with Terre de La Custodia wines: 40.00 euros.
For information and booking, please write to this e-mail address: eventi@farchioni.it.

Sunday 29 May:
The theme of this year’s Cantine Aperte is PASSION&WINE.
This is why Terre de la Custodia decided to organize a whole day to celebrate passion for dance, wellbeing and art, as well as for wine.

Activities include:
– performances of tango, hip hop and Latin American dance;
– outdoor activities such as stone balancing, painting, yoga and tai chi.
For further information on the event and booking, please write to this e-mail address: info@terredelacustodia.it.